Research Partnerships.


This chapter describes the ASB partnership, its approach to assessment of ecosystem services in the tropical forest margins and the trade-offs and synergies among these services, and the tools ASB partners developed to support landscape-scale assessment and action.

T. Tomich, Timmer, D., Velarde, S., Palm, C., van-Noordwijk, M., and Gillison, A., Research Partnerships., in Farming with Nature: The Science and Practice of Ecoagriculture, asb Washington DC: Island Press, 2007, pp. 322-343.

Tomich, T; Timmer, D.; Velarde, S.; Palm, C; van-Noordwijk, M.; Gillison, A.;, asb;
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Publication Type: Book Chapter
Year Published: 2007
Research Partnerships. | ASB Parthership for the Tropical Forest Margins


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